Blast Motion Wearable Sensors

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Brand Positioning Story

Blast Motion knows the athletic dream to improve. We’ve lived its struggles, rewards, and sacrifice. So we know that numbers are good, but knowing how to use them is far better. Blast employs the latest wearable and visual capture technology to gain the most accurate performance data on the market, because accuracy is how you win. But that’s just the beginning. Then we situate that information within a unique 360 degree platform, allowing it to be easily shared with everyone in an athlete’s support network. Now coaches, trainers, and parents can all easily access the most precise data available, plus the best ways to use it for improvement, regardless of their location. The Blast environment means entry into a community where other athletes with similar dreams can easily share, compete, and challenge themselves to become better. This is state of the art tech, but it is not about the technology alone, it’s an ecosystem approach solution to becoming the best player you can possibly be.