Vapor Studios

March, 2015 http://www.vapor-studio.com/

Internal branding for the agency itself: about us, brand identity, website copy.


Review Buzz

Current and ongoing http://business.reviewbuzz.com/blog/

Blogs, newsletters, email campaigns, landing pages, and brand messaging for a highly successful Saas provider for service industry clients looking to manage and improve their online reputation.

"Fish Don't Smoke," PSA for Surfrider, Inc.

Fall, 2009 https://vimeo.com/6106915

Scriptwriting: co-wrote for Gary Sanchez Productions.



Blast Motion Wearable Sensors

July 2016 https://blastmotion.com/

For Vapor studios, branding and ad copy for new campaign deck: mission statement, about us, tags, tone, voice direction

Click Carabiner Kickstarter Video

February, 2104 https://www.kickstar ... nding-tool

Scriptwriting for a kickstarter campaign, product started in skate and moved into multi-sport space.


Don Joy Performance

November 2014

Branding and tags, product decks, and product marketing/demo video scriptwriting,for a leading global sports medicine brand.

lifestyle, tech

Logitech's Bemo Product Launch, via Vapor Studios

Spring, 2014 https://mybemo.com

360 degree campaign: web copy, tags, direct email campaigns, app copy, client interface, consultant on branding and direction for Logitech, via Vapor Studios.


health and wellness

Conscious Body Health Coaching

Fall, 2015 http://www.consciousbodyhc.com/

Web Copy, brand direction, design consulting.


Foundry Medical Innovations

Summer, 2014 http://foundrymed.com/

All web copy, mission statement, about us, client interface, consultant on branding and direction for Foundry, via Orwell Media.


Bank of Internet, USA

2014-2016 https://www.bankofinternet.com/

Webcopy for site revamp, landing pages, email drip campaigns, and blogposts.


Virtus, Inc.

2015 https://www.virtusba ... cleID=2041

Financial blogposts and SEO



Maker’s Quarter social


Responsible for social media content generation for Downtown San Diego’s Maker’s Quarter district, via MySMN agency.