Abi Cotler

Abi Cotler

CONTENT IS KING. But content without a story is like a king without a castle. I want to tell your story. I’ll build a castle for your business and make your brand its main character. With a lifelong fascination with the power of storytelling, I’ll craft the brand-character’s voice and tell your story so your company grows in the strongest and most dynamic way possible.

I AM SEEKING a copywriting position with a company I believe in, where I can organize boundless thoughts into meaning and brand.

Expertise Professional Copywriter

Skills CONTENT: strategy and copy for an emotional, digital age of marketing • pertinent blog posts and articles, from research through polished deliverables • clear, user-friendly tech instructions and descriptions • scriptwriting--the technical to the colorful • SOCIAL: approachable, meaningful, and relevant social media generation • S.E.O. with an eye for increasing influence • keeping abreast of ever-changing consumer trends • a deep understanding of photography, film, lighting, visual arts, and effective design • IDENTITY: compelling, lasting taglines • selling and brand copy that stays on message and ensures a consistent brand experience • mission statements with huge, specific goals • about us and bio copy in line with your brand’s voice and identity • truly readable newsletters and email marketing with CTAs that are impossible to ignore

Location San Diego, California and Somewhere on the Internet


Email abiwriting@gmail.com

Phone 8583448691